We offer the following training:

  • Swimming lessons for all ages: focuses on core life skills within the aquatic environment. Breathing, floating and correct body position is but a few of the skills we assist in developing.
  • Baby swimming: focusing on infant comfort within the aquatic environment.
  • Nursery School swimming: Where we fetch, swim and return the child back to their respective schools. (Only avaible to respective schools on board with Debbie Dolphins Swimming School)
  • Primary School swimming: during summer swimming at the school, winter times at our facility.
  • Adult water orientation: learning to swim
  • Squad training: for those with the competitive spirit and not scared of hard work. This is for you. You can do Galas with Central Gauteng aquatics through our swimming club Midrand Swimming Academy.
  • Child minders course: a general course for the water environment where child minders or domestic workers are taught the essential lifeskills for saving a child / adults life in a near drowning incident. This course covers CPR and First aid training in compliance with the Department of Labour.
  • Assistance in Occupational Therapy and accident rehabilitation:
  • ADHD, Autistic and special needs swimming
  • Outreach programme: still in the pipeline. Watch this space

Please contact us for more information if you do not find what you are looking for on 082 628 2931